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If you answered yes, you are one of many women in India who are eager to benefit from safe and effective laser hair removal treatment.

Our underarms laser treatment is a more long-term solution to shaving or waxing in order get rid of excessive unwanted underarms hair!  We know these sensitive areas have problems due to not getting proper air circulation. To close the pores, removing hair is important and our treatment will do it smoothly. This technique works by damaging hair follicles for several weeks, preventing them from producing new hair. This can lead to fewer, less noticeable hairs for a longer period of time!

Laser hair removal can be performed with multiple laser types. We at Emerge will consider the most appropriate one based on:

  • Color of hair
  • Area to be treated
  • Hair coarseness
  • Overall hair growth density


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Frequently Asked Questions!

How long does it take to see results?

After your laser hair removal operation, you may see finer or fewer hairs. Because of the stages of individual hair growth, it may take three to four sessions to reach your ideal armpit hair outcomes.

Are there any side effects?

Following are the possible side effects of laser hair removal, such as:

  • redness or irritation
  • pain
  • blistering
  • swelling
  • scars (this is rare)

Does underarm laser hair removal hurt?

When compared to other places of your body, the underarms may be more prone to pain after laser hair removal. This is owing to the fact that the skin in the armpits is substantially thinner. While the pain is said to only last a few seconds, we still recommend that you apply cold compresses to your armpits after the procedure to help ease any pain.

Does laser hair removal get rid of dark shadow on underarm area?

Yes, laser hair removal can help minimise the appearance of dark shadows on the underarm area. It can take some time to notice this but as hairs become finer and lighter skin any shadow may start to fade.

Are there any precautions need to be taken before the treatment?

Only 4 things to care about. Those are-

  • The area to be treated must be clean-shaven prior to treatment.
  • Avoid usage of lotion, deodorant, or any cosmetic products 2 days prior to treatment.
  • Clients must stop waxing, threading, or tweezing 3 weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure for at least 3 days prior to your treatment.

All set to throw out your razors, shaving creams, &  at-home-waxing kits?

Well, why would you not when you know we at Emerge, are here for the rescue you have been waiting for! We thrive to save your time and money – to help you gain the comfort and convenience of going shave-free forever!

 The potential benefits of our Underarms Laser Treatment include:

  • No need to shave daily
  • Dark patches and shadow fades away
  • Freedom to wear what you want when you want
  • Gym ready all the time
  • Hair that grows back lighter in color
  • The less coarse texture of hairs
  • Slower hair growth overall

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