How Does Men’s Hair Removal Technique Work?

Along with women, the approach towards hair removal in men is also increasing day by day due to several reasons. Chest, beard line, neck, underarms, and legs are the body areas frequently opted for hair removals by men. Whatever the reason, if you are a man and want to get rid of unnecessary hair, you should go with hair removal techniques. There are a bunch of hair removal techniques available.

The most effective and popular strategy is laser hair removal treatment. Let’s see how it works.


 1. Laser Hair Removal Technique:

  • The laser light energy is being used for penetrating the hair shafts. The main purpose is to destroy the hair root. Though the process demands that it will destroy the hair follicles from inside, so hair won’t be generated from that part, killing hair follicles is not an easy task.
  • It takes at least 8 to 10 sessions to destroy the hair follicles from inside. The time required per treatment depends upon the particular body part.
  • This particular treatment is best for dark hair and light skin. White and blonde light hair isn’t appropriate and effective for this treatment.
  • This treatment is generally done on comprehensive and sensitive areas like genitals, back, chest, legs, and hands. It is better to do a manual test before the laser therapy.


2. Waxing

  • Waxing is a standard procedure used by many. The main thing is, it’s very cheap compared to other programs. Doing this process is very easy.
  • A layer of melted wax will be applied to the area. It will take time to freeze for a few minutes. Then pulling the wax will be the final job. While pulling, the hair will be uprooted from its base.
  • Depending on the area and the thickness of the hair, it may take 10 to 50 minutes on average. The result lasts for eight weeks at least. As the technique doesn’t move hair follicles, hair will grow after eight weeks.

3. Electrolysis

  • Electrolysis is a technique that gives you complete hair. It deals with the follicles directly. The hair has a base embedded in the skin.
  • A sharp needle will be inserted through the hair pore to the base. Then by giving an electrical shock, the hair follicles will be destroyed, including the cell. Thus you can have a permanent solution.
  • As hair growth is a natural phenomenon, only one treatment won’t help. You have to take several sessions according to your level.


4. Cream Hair Removal

  • It is also known as depilatories and can be tried at home. The process is very simple. When the cream is added to the areas, the compounds present in the cream will loosen the hair gaps.
  • Thus hair will automatically fall out. Sometimes external pressure is good.

All of these tricks are good to apply to any part of the body. Make sure you always take antiseptic and proper precautions while dealing with sensitive areas like genitals. Shaving can be a good option though it has several drawbacks.

Try these four techniques to get rid of unnecessary hair from your body.