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Enjoy freedom of having hairless body from top to toe!

We can help you to gain control of your uplesant hair, whether it’s on your back, chest, stomach, abdomen, or anyplace else you’d rather wish it wasn’t.  Our professionals at Emerge can customise the laser treatments to treat bigger parts, which is ideal for dealing areas such as the chest, stomach, abdomen, and back. Though they are not the most popular areas for female hair removal, but they are not entirely out of reach. The skin in certain areas, particularly the chest, is extremely sensitive. As a result, procedures like waxing may be terribly unpleasant. Laser treatment of these areas will result in a smooth chest and back. All-over full-body laser hair removal allows you to wear whatever you want, whenever you want – at any time while you save a lot of money on waxing treatments that are unneeded and frequent.

Women’s body hair removal is a solution that can safely, efficiently, and permanently eliminate hair without the adverse repercussions that shaving can have on your skin. Laser hair removal works by focusing on the dark pigment of the hair at the root and destroying it on contact. The treatment is finished in a matter of minutes, and you’re one step closer to having the smooth, flawless skin you’ve always desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Is laser hair removal safe on the full body?

Laser hair removal is a painless and efficient therapy that may be used on the entire body. Laser light pulses are sent into the skin. A laser is selected depending on your skin type to safely send this energy into the skin. This energy targets and destroys hair follicles. Following a series of treatments, new hairs are stopped from developing. Our lasers are FDA-approved, medical-grade devices that are fully serviced to guarantee that you get the most out of each of your sessions with us. We  do laser hair removal all day, every day, and are specialists in hair removal.

How many sessions will Body Laser Hair Removal take, and for how long?

The number of Body Laser Hair Removal sessions required is determined on the size of your treatment area as well as your skin and hair type. Larger treatment areas and coarser hair types, in general, will necessitate repeated Laser Hair Removal sessions. At Ideal Image, our professionals have modified our laser settings to successfully treat wider regions, which means a whole Back Hair Removal process might take as little as an hour. Smaller treatment regions, such as the stomach, may require 20 to 30 minutes.

Who can get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is available to both men and women. The laser device employs a variety of wavelengths to treat absolutely any skin type or hair color. Patients with lighter complexion and darker hair, on the other hand, will get faster and more effective outcomes.

Where can I get Body Laser Hair Removal?

Body hair does not have a preference for where it grows. That’s why some of us have unwanted hair all over our bodies. Hair may grow almost everywhere, from your chest to your lower back. Body Laser Hair Removal is available for the chest, stomach, abdomen, and back. You can select the neck and shoulders, the lower back, or the complete back for the back. It’s completely up to you!

Are there any precautions need to be taken before the treatment?

Only 4 things to care about. Those are-

  • The area to be treated must be clean-shaven prior to treatment.
  • Avoid usage of lotion, deodorant, or any cosmetic products 2 days prior to treatment.
  • Clients must stop waxing, threading, or tweezing 3 weeks before treatment.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure for at least 3 days prior to your treatment.

Get flawless skin, in the most smooothest way with Emerge!

We at Emerge, have hair removal professionals & use cutting-edge equipment to ensure you get the most out of this life-changing therapy. So, if you are also  tired with the price of monthly waxes and eager to tick it off from your to-do list, then it’s your time to come to take the leap.

With our medical grade lasers, you’ll notice results quickly, with unwanted hair reduced from your body in only a few sessions. Full body hair removal is done with caution. The skin type test is essential since we are covering a large region. The laser hair removal procedure will next be used to burn the follicles and ingrown hairs. Also our treatments are safe & suitable for all skin types like pale, medium and dark skin tones. Hence, our promise is clarity, every step of the way.



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